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1 posts from June 2010


Arrival in Shanghai and First Impressions

So apparently Typepad blogs are blocked in China.  That's okay though, with my handy dandy proxy I am able to to start blogging.

The first thing that came at me full force after my arrival in Shanghai was the weather.  As I have lived my whole life in California, I am spoiled when it comes to the weather.  The humidity and rain are two things I dislike and have rarely if never experienced in California.  Hopefully I get used to it soon.

I also met my homestay family a bit after my arrival at ENCU.  It is a three people family, which consists of parents and a daughter.  They are very kind, and although I have taken Mandarin Chinese for two semesters, I still have trouble communicating with them.  When I need to describe things in detail, I would unable too due to the lack of vocabulary.  In addition, when they speak really fast, I wouldn't be able to catch on to what they are saying, leaving me at a loss for words.  I am hoping after a few weeks of studying here I would be able to better communicate with my homestay family, and not have to play charades and such.

Today we had the first part of orientation.  It was a lot of information to absorb, but I was finally able to meet people in my study program, and they are all really smart people.  Everyone's Mandarin is great. We were given an overview of our language program, which is intimidating, but I am ready to step up to the challenge and be able to get a good firm grasp of Mandarin.

I currently have many mixed feelings being here in Shanghai, but I know that I do not regret making the choice to study abroad in China, and am very excited about what lies ahead for me.